How to choose the right Upleap plan

Upleap is here to make your life easier, and so our pricing offers three plans, named LiteStandard and Premium.

Most Upleap subscribers on the Standard plan are individual users growing their personal social account(s).

Subscribers on the Premium are typically professional users, businesses, and agencies looking to grow their business or client accounts, with access to advanced account management options. Premium subscribers often focus on becoming Instagram influencers within their own niche or industry.

The deciding factors tend to be:

- How fast you expect to grow your Instagram followers

- The level of support and account management you need

- Whether or not you require advanced targeting options

On all plans you're able to manage 1 Instagram account per subscription. Additional accounts can be added to the subscription directly through your dashboard.

All plans offer a designated account manager to organically grow your account, based on keywords and similar users. The Premium plan is more extensive and includes additional targeting of users by location, defining content your account manager should avoid and premium support at your fingers.