I haven't received my followers. Why?

First, make sure you did NOT do any of the following:

1. You placed an order while having a private account or changed your account to private while the order was not complete yet;

2. You changed your username while an order was in progress;

3. You entered the wrong username while placing an order;

3. Your account is blocked or banned.

We are not able to deliver followers to private, blocked or banned accounts and we're also not able to deliver if you change your account username. If you need to change your handle, make sure to only do it after your order is complete.

If you did not do any of the above and still you haven't received your followers:

Has it been longer than 72 hours?

A. No.

If not, kindly be patient. Sometimes orders can take a little longer to be delivered based on demand. 

B. Yes.

If 72 hours or more have passed, there might have been an issue with your order. Never fear, as we are here to help!

Go to our Contact Us page and send us a message. We will fix it for you and make sure you receive it properly. That is our promise to you! 😊